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What is Clean & Speed Up?

Clean & Speed Up is a Scanguard extension that speeds up your browsing experience and comes packed with some great clean-up and optimization features.

Within this article you will learn about the following Clean & Speed Up features:

  • Site Sleeper
  • Lightning Loader
  • Clean
  • Speedy Sites
  • Popup Blocker
  • Turbo Browsing
  • Boost Score
  • Site Sleeper

  • What is Site Sleeper?
  • Site Sleeper reduces the strain on your computer's processor by putting any tab that is not currently in use "To Sleep".

  • How do I Use Site Sleeper?
  • To set up and use Site Sleeper, follow these instructions:

    • Open the Clean & Speed Up extension

    • Click the Sleep Tab

    • Turn on the Site Sleeper Button

    Now, if you are not using a browser tab, the tab will go to sleep. If you would like to access your tab again, you simply click on the tab and click Refresh or Click to Reload.

  • Site Sleepers's Customization Options
  • Site Sleeper comes with a few customization options. These options are:

    • Awake List - Customize which websites sleep mode doesn't affect

    • Timeout Time - Choose how long a tab is idle before going to Sleep

    • Auto Wake-Up on Click - Toggle the option to awaken a tab when you re-access the tab

    • Sleep Audio Tabs - Toggle if you want to put tabs playing audio to Sleep

    • Sleep Pinned Tabs - Toggle the option to put pinned tabs to Sleep

    Lightning Loader

  • What is Lightning Loader
  • Lightning Loader will only load the images that will appear on-screen upon opening a page, with the remaining images loading as you scroll down the page. This will help the page you're viewing load quicker and reduce your internet data usage.

  • How do I Use Lightning Loader
  • To set up and use Lightning Loader, follow these instructions:

    • Open the Clean & Speed Up Extension

    • Click the Speed

    • Toggle on Lightning Loader

    Once set up, Lightning Loader will work in the background of your browser to reduce page loading times.


  • What is Clean?
  • Clean & Speed Up’s Clean feature will speed up your browsing experience by giving you the ability to remove history, cookies, and cached files for websites with the click of a button.

  • How do I Use Clean?
  • To use the Clean feature, follow these instructions:

    • Open the Clean & Speed Up browser application

    • Click the Clean Tab

    • Select which of the following you would like to be cleaned

      • Browser history

      • Unwanted Tracking

      • Junk Images and files

    • Select the Time Range

    • Click Start Clean

    Speedy Sites

  • What is Speedy Sites
  • Speedy Sites give you the ability to exclude a website's cookie, cache, and history for being removed whilst using the clean feature.

  • How do I Use Speedy Sites?
  • To use Speedy sites, follow these instructions:

    • Open the Clean & Speed Up browser extension

    • Click Speed

    • Click Speedy Sites

    • Toggle on Speed Sites

    • Enter the websites URL that you wish to be excluded from the Clean feature

    • Click Add

    Now, any website that you have included within Speedy Sites will not be affected by the Clean feature.

    Popup Blocker

  • What is Popup Blocker?
  • Popup Blocker will block any annoying notifications coming in from websites, meaning you can browse in peace. If you want to allow a certain site to show notifications, you can do so by adding it to the allow list.

  • How do I Use Popup Blocker?
  • To set up and use Quiet Mode, follow these steps:

    • Open the Clean & Speed Up Browser Application

    • Click the Speed Tab

    • Toggle on Popupblocker

  • How do I add websites to my allow list?
  • Popup Blocker's allow list allows you to select certain websites that you would like to receive notifications from. Popup Blocker's allow list comes with a predefined list of websites. To manage and add to this list, follow these steps:

    • Open the Clean & Speed Up Browser Extension

    • Click the Speed Tab Click Popup Blocker

    From here you can add and remove websites from the allow list.

    Turbo Browsing

  • What is Turbo Browsing?
  • The Turbo Browsing feature will already start loading a link that you are hovering over before you click it, loading the page before you even start using it.

  • How do I Use Turbo Browsing?
  • Turbo Browsing works in the background of your browser, so once you have set it up, you can enjoy the benefits of faster page loading times. To set up Turbo Browser, follow these steps:

    • Open the Clean & Speed Up Browser Extension

    • Click on Speed

    • Toggle on Turbo Browsing

    You have now successfully set up Turbo Browsing!

    Boost Score

  • What is Boost Score?
  • Clean & Speed Up's Boost Score allows you to easily see how much your browsing experience can be improved. If your Boost Score is at 100% your browser is running at peak performance.

  • How can I Increase My Boost Score?
  • If you have a low boost score, you can easily improve it by using the tools and features available within Clean & Speed Up. The more you use the features, the quicker and more efficient your browsing experience will be.